The advancement of 3D technology is soon bound to invade our daily lives and will continue to bring new possibilities across various industries and applications. The combination of inventiveness and imagination of the 3D designers is unlimited and brings a new approach to creativity for shaping hobby items, household needs, and interesting objects.


The effort of many creative people has helped this industry of hobby/DIY models to hold the biggest share in the 3D printing world. Our thoughts and ideas are used optimally to compose a relevant application for every hobby item that transforms it to gift item, a decorating object with required shapes and patterns at a lower price.


The fan base of 3D printing game models is extensive and covers video/computer games, mobile games, films, TV series, and cartoons. The immense popularity of video games and the boom of 3D printing have been able to compose ‘3D printable game characters’ with a mission to make it available for the large community of enthusiasts. The shape and form of famous heroes and their characters are integrated and attached to the video games and cartoons creatively to over excite the game lovers and enthusiasts with the help of this technology. The video game hobbyists can now screen-save the images of these game characters on their desktops, use them in board games, and interact with them outside the video games.


3D printing technology facilitates the difficult process of creating architectural sketches and improves the scale models technique, reducing environmental damages caused by over usage of paper. This technology encourages usage of durable materials and promises longer lasting model at reduced time and expenses. The transportation industry has also realised the great utility of this technology and applied it to tanks, robots, aircraft, cars and ships, etc. These complex objects consist of unassembled parts that come in all shapes and sizes to replicate the details of the original objects without violating intellectual property rights. The benefits of 3D printed scale models are very prominent, and many businesses have begun using 3D Printing to win more clients, save more money and save more time. For more information on how Architects or Scale Modelers can use 3D Printing services, visit http://makein3d.xyz/pre-launch-offer.



The innovation of 3D printing has no end and correlates to our hobbies and DIY items. If today looks like this, as a hobbyist myself, I can’t wait to see what the future is going to bring along with it.  The future is bright – the future is MakeIn3D. If you have any questions on how you could implement such practices in your business, please contact us for a FREE consultation.

Sahaj Kothari

CEO and co-founder of MakeIn3D.xyz

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