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3D printed architectural models have taken over the one-dimensional designs in the world of construction irrespective of the size of the project. Many architects and builders have stopped creating physical models with the traditional ways and adopted this amazing technology to save time and money.

Its distinct advantages and useful technology in conveying the final appearance of the design have influenced many architects and builders to prefer it over traditional scale model production.

The following are some reasons for joining the revolution of 3D printing.

1) 3D printing is cost-effective and saves time.
It literally takes four to six weeks to design an architectural model using traditional or one-dimensional design. In contrast, the similar structural model can be designed more accurately capturing a higher level of detail in few hours or maximum in a day or two, post finalising the 3D model using this advanced 3D print architectural model. One more advantage of 3D printing is non-architect professionals can read and understand the design at the same level of the designer, breaking the barrier of technical communication and provide a better experience for both the architect and the end customer..

2) Quality Assurance
Testing and assessment is an important stage for determining and scrutinising the functions of design. Quality assurance in this section demands more review and time. However, 3D printing helps to identify and resolve the flaws in the final construction and design in due course before the actual process of construction starts.

3) 3D printing of the object makes the design tangible and easy for representing with a detailed scale model of the final layout. It simplifies the process of selling and derives the attention of stakeholders promoting better understanding and comprehensiveness. Besides that designing, most of the models are possible using 3D rendering. These include commercial buildings, cityscapes, vehicles, swimming pools, etc.

The benefits of 3D printed architectural models are limitless, and therefore many businesses have begun using this technology to win more clients, save more money and save more time. For more information on how Architects can use 3D Printing services, visit The future is bright – the future is MakeIn3D. If you have any questions on how you could implement such practices in your business, please contact us for a FREE consultation.

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