The common need of an iterative creative process to enable visualizations, allow design changes at the early and feasible stage as per customers’ needs is closely interconnecting fashion, architecture, art, and product design industries. 3D printing supports and encourages design modifications at an early stage and helps in producing a comprehensive tangible visualization of a complex design. In architecture or complex designs, final products and investments can be quite sizable, so any design alterations identified at an earlier stage are well worth the effort.

At, we are leveraging 3D printing and its big CAD programs to transform the method used in architectural design and reach the mainstream public awareness through various sources. The advancement of this technology empowers the designers to produce the design physically resulting better and more ‘thought out’ architectural designs. In short, Architecs can create physical scale models and prototypes FASTER, BETTER and CHEAPER than ever before.


Every technology requires time and resources to have an enhanced workflow and necessary integration setup. The Lake of literacy and resources make every process a steep learning curve, though, the technology overcomes the difficulties and obstacles gradually with the course of time. Leveraging the power of 3D printing to boost architectures’ effectiveness and creativity and to have architects integrate its models in the architectural design process, making it accessible to every architect for every important project is one of the next milestone of this technology. And this is still just the beginning.

Imagine an architect printing his or her designs in 3D instead on a standard 2D paper, the quality of conversation and engagement with the customer or prospects are going to be significantly better. Clients on the other hand may also come to expect to see 3D models at meetings. Especially for non-architectural professionals, a 3D model will be much easier to understand than a technical drawing on a 2D paper.


The models of this technology stimulate conversations and debate vital to the design process and serve as an easy way for non-construction professionals to understand. Therefore, customers prefer this technology over the traditional technical drawing method.

The increased level of customer understanding helps all parties involved to share their views on the design and opt for necessary adjustments at the early stage. Making changes and adjustments at the early stage is very easy and helps to earn back the investments made in architectural models unlike going back and making changes at the end to lose more funds and resources making the investments difficult to earn back. This is the true value of the 3D printed model for architects!

If you want to explore how this technology can transform the way you do work with your clients, than do reach out to our awesome MakeIn3D team for more information. We absolutely love this technology and would love to work with you to bring this to the masses.

The Awesome MakeIn3D Team

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