Practical applications of FDM 3D printers

Practical applications of FDM 3D printers that you can apply today

The potential for 3D-making is unlimited. That’s a great thing but only if one knows what to do with the vast resources and the infinite options. When bombardment with too many 3D printed models, the desire for originality and creativity could easily be washed away.

Don’t let yourself be swept away. 3D printing is a cool thing so resolve to use it for making even cooler stuff.
Let’s take a look on the some of the practical yet creative applications you can do with 3D printing.

Flex Door Carabiner

3D printed carabiners can hold up to 50 lbs in weight, as some makers say. That means these are good for stylish and day to day use – just remember not to trust them when going on mountain climbing trips.

Survival Whistle

Keeping a whistle handy is something all of us should abide to as countless lives have been saved by these small devices. A 3D printed survival whistle can be as loud as the real thing and you can make it look personalized, too.

Pizza Bottle Opener

Pizza and beer lovers would love this one. They’re not just cool and handy, they can also cheer you up on down days with the thought of the two best things in the world.

USB Drive Cryptex

Your USB thumb drive should be well-protected from loss or theft. The DIY cryptex attached to the drive can ease worries with a secure four lock combination.

Car Windshield Ice Scraper

Cleaning away ice and snow from your car shouldn’t be such a hassle. Let this ice scraper take care of that for you.

Geometric stand for MacBook Pro Retina

Prop up your MacBook Pro Retina with a stylish-looking geometric stand that would turn your viewing into pleasure.

Self-Watering Planter

This cool device makes life easier for the forgetful ones among us. Now you won’t have to worry about forgetting to water your plants and going through guilt over it.

Earbud Holder

Can you still count the number of earphones you’ve had? These buds are our buddies while we’re out and about so make them last with this holder.

Platform Jack

This device comes fully assembled and you won’t have to worry about separate parts either. It can also support reasonable weight and height.

Space Invader Toilet Paper Holder

Beauty comes in the details and a beautiful structure holding a toilet paper can give visual interest to your bathroom.

Plastic Wrench

A plastic wrench comes in handy on unexpected times so keep them around.

Business Card Cases

Out with the old designs and in with the new. This stylish and trendy business card case can hold as many as 10 cards. The functional design also makes it easier to prop up the topmost card.

Secret Shelf

We all have some things to hide. In this case, an inconspicuous shelf may just be your perfect hiding place for precious items.

Shower Head

Enjoy your shower just the way you want it. We all deserve to pamper ourselves. This shower head would give you that proper bath.

Articulated Lamp

This articulated lamp can be adjusted to the length that you want. It comes in six pieces including bottom, trunk, and a top piece with a LED tap light.

Calendar Blocks

This is a way to merge old-school fun with modern technology. It’s good addition to an office desk, too.

Soap Dish

This is an item housekeepers would love. Finally an elegant soap dish with two washable trays. You can even customize the inner tray’s patterns.

Wall Outlet Shelf

Now you no longer have an excuse to lay your gadget on the floor while getting it charged. This shelf would rest your gadget at an angular slot so you can easily check if the battery’s already full or when you have messages.

Piggy Bank

A cute take on the traditional piggy bank. But this one’s irresistibly cute and promises to keep your loose change safe.

Plastic Hammer

Rely on it as you would rely on a regular hammer. This lean tool would deliver on its general use.

Customizable U-Hook

This set of parametric u-hooks gives you the chance to be as creative as you can be while keeping itself functional. You can modify the hook to how you want it to look and expect it to hold items of 47.4 kg in weight.

Drawer Knobs with Labels

Keep your stuff and documents organized and at proper places. This drawer knobs look funky and the label tracks would help you find where you’ve placed your socks.

One-handed Bottle Opener

This boomerang-shaped bottle opener promises to open tightly closed or sealed bottles with no effort at all.

Jar Handle

Spice up unused jars by turning them into hippie-looking kitchen eyecandies.

Shopping Bag Handle

Make your shopping a breeze and let these shopping bag handle relieve a weight off from you.

SD Card Mountain

You’ve got documents, photos and downloaded stuff on your SD cards. Yet since they’re so slim and tiny you keep worrying over misplacing them. Well this SD card mountain takes away those worries for good.

Cow Face Doorstop

This doorstop is light, easy to place and would keep those noisy swinging doors shut and bother you no more.

AA to C Battery Adapter

A simple trick to turn your AA into size C battery without even changing them.

iPhone 6S Charging Dock & Passive Amplifier

Let this little buddy take care of your iPhone 6s by stashing away the cords while charging the device. It also has a passive amplifier so you can turn up the music when you want to.

Caffeine Molecule Drinks Coaster

Coffee stains are unsightly and make such a mess on a fancy table. Kiss those blues away with this smart drinks coaster.

Tampon Magazine

You wouldn’t even know that this holds tampon. Talk about being discrete.

Snap On Portal Bookstand

A fitting companion for your book collection.

Cable Management Hive

Keep your desk clutter-free by stashing cords and cables to this cable hive.

Collapsible Coffee Sleeve

Since you’re a coffee-drinker, why not personalize your cup of takeaway drink with this collapsible and reusable coffee sleeve? It would protect your hands from getting scalded while clearly marking that this cup is your drink.

Auto Coin Sorter for All Currencies

Whether you’re keeping a coin collection or simply want to try a new way to save up your loose change, this auto coin sorter would help you manage your finances.

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