What No One Tells You About 3D Printing

Business models to help you leverage in your startup 

3D Printing has made a significant impact on the current market structure, specifically in allied technological investments. Rapid Prototyping has changed the playing field in production, manufacturing and modelling for architecture, engineering, medicine and even fashion.


The associated acquisition cost can hinder the benefits of 3D printing –  the ROI  for acquiring a machine can often be projected to up to 5 years. Furthermore, investors and operators can also be discouraged by the interface of the new technology.


We will be discussing four business models to assist  you in setting up  a 3D printing business based on your preferred setup in line  with your capacity to invest:


1) Finance the development of 3D Printing

If you would like to invest in 3D printing but lack the knowledge, time and passion for running it, then you can choose to partner with someone who possesses the technical expertise but may lack adequate funds.


2) Build 3D printers

This model is possibly the most challenging and critical as you require technical expertise, financial resources and business prudence to develop and assemble your custom  3D printers. The danger here? You need to be extra cautious not to be involved in patent infringement disputes. And needless to say, this will require millions of dollars to operate.


3) Distribute printing machines

If you would like to pursue the above option yet you do not have any idea how to make a 3D printer; then this one is perfect for you. You can set a deal with manufacturers and distribute their products. You can always ask for a decent commission and good markup.


4) Become a printing service provider

Here is the safest and easiest way to succeed in your startup 3D printing business. You will only be needing one to two printer and few clients who will be needing your service for their collaterals. While spending the lowest capital, you can start with one printer and expand to several units in the long run.  What are the opportunities waiting for you if you plan to adopt this business model?

  • Architectural models– Tie up with architects and print their model perspective designs to level up their firm through 3D image presentation.
  • Medical Apparatus – Many local hospitals need  the assistance of 3D printing services in providing them custom made tools, external prosthetics and other devices printable in the units
  • Jewellers – 3D printing speeds up the process of creating pieces of jewellery and fancy accessories as they can transfer their ideas from computer to castings. This is also a revolutionary breakthrough in this industry


3D printing has become a trend and a very attractive investment today. If you are interested in penetrating the market, make sure to find the appropriate business model based on your capital, skills and vision.


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