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Introducing Ayra

The Jewel of every Jewellery Manufacturer

At the forefront of the 3D revolution in jewellery manufacturing is Ayra, the first 3D printer from Mi3. Ayra is an advanced high quality, low maintenance desktop 3D printer, which gives you the power to translate your CAD jewellery designs into castable resin samples within minutes.

Why you need Ayra 3D Printer in your life!

We have 4 answers for you…

The iPhone of 3D Printing

3D printing is one of the most exciting technologies around and it will revolutionise the way you design and make jewellery, making it possible for you to bring your designs to life without having to source major investment. Inspiration to reality takes just minutes, and the process of redesign, improvement and polishing is so quick, easy and flexible.

With 3D printing technology, any jewellery designer can compete with the big players in the market, responding to new markets and customer demand almost instantly, and in a highly-competitive industry, that makes 3D printing a game-changer.

Ayra will transform your Jewellery making process

The 4 key features why you will love Ayra.

Easy to Maintain

Ayra is an advanced piece of kit that can turn any CAD designs into castable masterpieces in just a few minutes, giving you complete control of the process. It comes with built in plug-and-print software, so there’s no need to hire new staff or to spend hours learning how to operate a new machine, just plug in your design and Ayra will print it, fitting seamlessly into your prototyping process.

Affordable Technology

Ayra is affordable. It’s a far more financially viable solution than traditional methods, offering up to a 50% reduction on running-costs and up to 80% off up-front costs. It also beats the 3D printer competition, with a much smaller up-front outlay and on-going maintenance fees that typically work out up to 70% cheaper than standard 3D printers.

Designs Unlimited and Unleashed

Ayra also gives you unlimited design freedom. Your imagination is no longer compromised by the constraints of traditional methods, so you can unleash your creativity and design truly original, stunning masterpieces that will you set you apart from the competition. The larger build plate of the Ayra is designed to give you the freedom to print any size of design that you need.

Trademark and Security

And in the world of jewellery design, security is everything, so with the Ayra, you no longer have to take the risk of sending your cherished designs to third-party companies. Everything can be kept in-house, giving you total control of your work, and Ayra’s on-demand capabilities allow you to archive all of your designs, allowing you to access them instantly.

Productivty and Deadlines

Just think how Ayra could transform your business! If you rely on external companies to turn your ideas into masterpieces, the whole process could take days, but with Ayra, that long wait time is over. You could slash your production time in half, enabling you to get your products to market dramatically quicker, and significantly boosting your productivity.

The Jewel of every Jewellery Manufacturer

You do not have the need to learn a new machine or hire an extra staff. She will silently integrate into your existing prototyping process without disrupting your business.