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At THE MAKE IN 3D, and all of its subsidiaries and affiliates, (collectively referred to as “THE MAKE IN 3D”), we consider client relationships to be the foundation of our business and are committed to protecting the confidentiality of the personal information of our clients. We recognize the value of the trust that our clients and prospective clients (“client” or “clients”) place in us, and we are committed to continuing to earn that trust well into the future.


The types of personally identifiable non-public information we collect and share depend on the product or service a client may have with us. This information may include, without limitation:
1. Name
2. Mailing address
3. Credit card or other payment/financial information
4. Business and/or home phone number
5. E-mail address
6. E-mail correspondence history?
The personally identifiable non-public information of a client is collected in a number of ways, including information on applications; forms; documents;transaction histories; and correspondence (electronic, written and telephonic)with clients. The MAKE IN 3D website(s) (“website”) may, from time to time, gather information about visitors and their potential needs through their submission of answers to surveys; information submitted in connection with becoming a registered user of the website; registration agreements;questionnaires; and data input to into various forms provided on the website.?
The information collected from the website includes but is not limited to, name,mailing address and e-mail address. Additionally, THE MAKE IN 3D may collect data that is statistical in nature, which is not generally attributable to any specific client. By signing up for any one of THE MAKE IN 3D’s websites,you expressly allow THE MAKE IN 3D to share your information with its affiliates, and you consent to receive information from any/all of THE MAKE IN 3D’s affiliated Websites.?
THE MAKE IN 3D may collect certain credit card and/or other entered financial institution information such as bank account numbers or PayPal emailID for Clients enrolled in THE MAKE IN 3D’s Automatic Subscription Renewal Program. THE MAKE IN 3D uses such information to bill subscription fees, as agreed to by the Client.?


THE MAKE IN 3D uses the information gathered to service client accounts and to provide clients with additional information about our products and services. THE MAKE IN 3D does not disclose any personally identifiable non-public information about current or former clients to any unaffiliated third party except as permitted by law, or at the specific request of the client. The information collected, as described above, may be shared with THE MAKE IN 3D, Limited subsidiary and affiliated companies for the purpose of enhancing and improving our client communications, services, products designed to meet the needs of our clients, and to bill subscription fees for Clients enrolled in THE MAKE IN 3D’s Automatic Subscription Renewal Program.We may, from time to time, disclose some or all of the above information to affiliated and unaffiliated companies that perform marketing and other services on behalf of THE MAKE IN 3D, or to other marketing services companies with whom we have joint marketing agreements. These parties that are not affiliated with THE MAKE IN 3D have agreed not to use this information for any other purpose.?


At THE MAKE IN 3D, we limit the availability of personally identifiable data about our clients only to employees who have a true business need for the information. Additionally, THE MAKE IN 3D maintains the highest standards of physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with applicable local laws to protect the non-public personal information of our clients. Such safeguards include, but are not limited to, the use of firewalls for our web-based systems, encryption technologies, user authentication systems and mechanisms to ensure access control.?


On a regular basis, you will be given the opportunity to expressly agree in advance (“opt-in”) to our use of your personal data for marketing purposes, or THE MAKE IN 3D will provide you with an opportunity to refrain from allowing use of your personal data (“opt-out”) for marketing purposes.?


All personal data collected by THE MAKE IN 3D may be transferred to,and stored at, a destination outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”). It may also be processed by staff operating outside the EEA who work for THE MAKE IN 3D, and/or contractors hired by THE MAKE IN 3D. By submitting your personal data to THE MAKE IN 3D, you agree to this transfer, storing and/or processing. THE MAKE IN 3D will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.?


THE MAKE IN 3D operates commercially reasonable methods, including secure data networks protected by industry standard firewall and password protection, to keep personal data secure. THE MAKE IN 3D has reasonable security measures in place to attempt to protect against the loss,misuse or alteration of the personal data of users of our websites.For Clients enrolled in THE MAKE IN 3D’s Automatic Subscription Renewal Program, THE MAKE IN 3D may collect certain credit card and/or other entered financial institution information such as bank account numbers or PayPal email ID, and use that information to bill subscription fees.THE MAKE IN 3D uses secure Internet connections, using SSL (SecureSockets Layer) encryption, to help protect Client financial data. Please note that with current technology, THE MAKE IN 3D cannot guarantee the security of Client data as it travels over the Internet.?


THE MAKE IN 3D and all of its subsidiaries and affiliates, (collectively referred to as “THE MAKE IN 3D”) is dedicated to providing a website that allows clients to access to information about our services. This Security Policy defines the standards implemented for the purposes of protecting the information that clients may provide while accessing the website. There are several terms clients should be familiar with as you read this policy:
1. Protected: The term “Protected” is used to describe a website (and/or an area of a website) for which a consent form must be completed before accessing. It is important to remember that a protected site is not necessarily a secure site.
2. Cookies: Cookies are minuscule data files that may be placed on the hard drive of a user upon visiting a website. These files enable the website to identify repeat visitors and may allow the website to customize the website depending on the preferences of the user. Cookies will not affect the performance of your computer.
Specific THE MAKE IN 3D standards with regard to personally identifiable non-public information are as follows:
Use of Cookies: THE MAKE IN 3D may, from time to time or on a continuous basis, use cookies when users enter our website. The use of cookies allows THE MAKE IN 3D to identify the user, observe which sections of the website are visited, and gain insight into the areas of the website are most frequently used. The allows THE MAKE IN 3D to tailor the website to individual needs of our clients. The cookies used in the protected areas of the site will reside on the user’s computer.
A temporary cookie may also be used on protected and unprotected sections of our site in order to relay information that is input on one page of the site by the shareholder to other areas that require the same information (e.g. different financial calculators). This relieves the user of having to input the same data on multiple pages. Temporary cookies will not be placed on the computer hard drive of a user, and will be used only during the current session; they are discarded once the user terminates their session.
Cookies are activated only during visits to THE MAKE IN 3D’s website and do not track activity once a user leaves the website.
Usage: We obtain statistical data relating to usage of all areas of the website;however, personal information is not gathered in these areas unless the user specifically inputs data that the user wishes THE MAKE IN 3D to have.